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Tree house academy, teaching children of all ages the skills to adapt to the world around them.

Development of a showroom website from scratch

Industry: Education
Services: Web programming
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Showroom website, Laravel, No CMS, web hosting
Tree house academy strongly believes that education starts with parents. Successful students come from families that believe in the abilities of their children.

Since its creation, Tree House has been working on English programs for children that no other school offers and therefore became a renowned English academy in Taipei.

Tree House previous website was outdated in terms of design, content, and coding. We were hired to work on designing and coding their new website.


  • Creating a website design that showcased the new brand identity of Tree house academy.

  • Starting with a simple 4 pages website, the platform was likely to evolve later. We therefore had to keep in mind that scalability was paramount when choosing the right technology for the project. Also, with most users visiting the platform from a mobile device, it was crucial for the website to have fast loading pages.

  • Creating balanced pages with very little content.


  • We designed the website based on the visual guidelines provided by the client to ensure it would comply with the graphic identity of the rest of the company’s marketing materials.

  • We developed the platform from scratch based on a framework called Laravel, providing easy developments in the future and short page loading time.

  • We used Tree House pictures as the core of every page developed, as the objective of the website was to create an emotion rather than to provide with informational content.


  • Thanks to the attention we brought to design in the development process, Tree house online presence is now aligned with its other marketing materials, making its brand image consistent.

  • Developing the platform from scratch was the right solution. Since we delivered the first official version of the website, several new features were implemented. The website is faster on mobile than it used to be, resulting in an increase in the average time spent by mobile users on the website.

  • The website design serves its purpose. It creates the intended emotions in the users, pushes parents to contact Tree House for further information, and encourages teachers to reach out to the company for vacant positions.