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The charging place, recharge solutions for electronic devices

Revamping of a showroom website

Industry: Service
Services: Web programming
Country: France
Tags: Business website, Slim framework, Website revamp
Founded in 2014, The Charging Place is a French start-up born out of the growing need for out-of-home mobile device recharges. The Charging Place offers many solutions for charging mobile electronic devices: smart phones, tablets, laptops, electronic cigarettes, cameras, e-watches ...

They deploy their solutions throughout Europe to fulfill their mission: Recharge batteries!

We've been working with The Charging Place on the revamp of their website to integrate new functionalities and bring several design upgrades.


In the case of TCP website project, the user needs were simple and straightforward.
Our biggest challenge was to take over the work of another web developer. Indeed, many of the developers in the market are self-taught and don't follow the best coding practices: In this case, it made revamping the website design time-consuming and more cumbersome.

The website was also coded based on a micro PHP framework (Slim) that we had never worked on before.


We decided to first get a better understanding of the code by spending hours to upgrade the coding patterns to our standards.
Slim is a micro framework, i.e. a minimalistic web application framework with basic functions. We read the documentation available online and made practical tests on specific functionalities that needed to be developed in order to get familiar with the framework.


The Charging Place is a regular client: Making the code compliant with our way to work allowed us to reduce the development time necessary to implement later modifications and upgrades. The result is a lower cost for TCP and a satisfaction for us to work the right way.
Thanks to this project, we've learned to use Slim, and we have since been using it for in other simple projects.