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QCS Asia, Life is too short to carry an ugly keychain

Development of a highly customized showroom website

Industry: Manufacturing
Project's URL:
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Drupal, layout maker, online catalog, member area
QCS Asia is one of the few remaining historic Taiwanese manufacturer of promotional products. They started back in 1991 with a metal enamel production line, added a PVC cloisonné line in 1996 and invested in an aluminum anodized facility in 1999.

With a head office in Taiwan and two factories in China, QCS Asia strongly invested in R&D in the past few years to offer customers an exclusive range of patented promotional products.

We've been working with QCS Asia on the development of their main website on Drupal and on optimizing their ranking on search engines for a specific set of keywords.


  • Working on powerful sorting and filtering options on the "all products" page so that customers find exactly what they look for in only a few clicks.
  • Developing a product page that features numerous tools to facilitate the interactions between QCS Asia and the customers.
  • Implementing an SEO strategy to help the company gain visibility on the web for targeted keywords.


  • We developed customized product pages in the administration system with mandatory fields to fill in for each product: This common dataset allowed us to create more precise filtering options.
  • We integrated a toolbox area (including product newsletter, samples ordering and quick quote functionalities) on the front-end of each product’s page, a layout maker to place a design on products, and a document center to download any product standard documentation.
  • We worked on the keyword selection and mapping, the website indexability and accessibility, and the on-page SEO to ensure QCS Asia appears in the search engine results page (SERP) on targeted terms.


  • The large number of product references can make it difficult for customers to find what they are looking for. With the filtering options implemented, we can see that visitors are able to find what they came for because the exit rate on the all products page is much lower than before.
  • Visitors use the various tools developed on the product pages. This results in a higher level of details in the customers’ requests on the website and a lower request processing time for QCS sales team.
  • QCS Asia website ranks 1stpage on site wide keywords such as "promotional products factory" as well as on product titles terms. Organic traffic is the 1stacquisition channel and is the source of more than 45% of the website's total visits.