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Perfbook, performance monitoring

Development of a complex video system

Industry: Sport club management
Services: Web programming
Project's URL:
Country: France
Tags: Video player, event tagging, video compression, web application
Perfbook is a web app which allows coaches to manage online every setting of the performance of professionals and non-professional players and athletes.

Every athlete’s follow-up data is entirely configurable (type of tests, objectives depending on the position, performance calculating scale, competitions list, technical and physical assessment criteria,..).

We have worked with Perfbook on the video analysis section of their web app. The video section of the app allows club managers and players to upload videos of past games and tag events on their timeline. The video analysis is used by athlete managers to debrief previous games and prepare future ones.


  • Working on a solution to dramatically reduce the videos loading time and shorten users waiting time when switching between events.

  • Developing a system that enables users to tag and record events at specific timestamps on videos for subsequent game analysis.

  • Setting up a video player with a personalized buttons set and specific keyboard controls for navigation.


  • We integrated a customizable video compression tool that automatically compresses the videos uploaded by the users. We also moved the app to a more powerful web hosting solution.

  • We developed a complex system that enables users to save timestamps on videos and define them as events with multiple data fields (e.g. players involved, position on the game field, type of action)

  • We worked on a very light HTML/CSS based video player that includes customized functions such as fast forward and switch camera (to watch actions from different angles). We also developed keyboard-based video controls so that users can manage events viewing when the player is in full screen mode.


  • Videos now load instantly when navigating on the timeline and/or viewing specific events. The user experience is excellent and the tool is used every day by large sport teams to review past games and prepare upcoming ones.

  • The tagging system works seamlessly and the filtering/sorting options developed to view tagged events help sport club management teams prepare highly specific video analysis to individually coach their players.

  • The player options actively contribute to the good user experience provided by the app. The player is fully responsive: it can be used in full or reduced screen modes with the full set of functionalities, adapting to all users’ habits.