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Mukae Muz, clothing with a woman’s body in mind.

Development of a shopping website developed with Wordpress

Industry: Retail sales
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Wordpress, Woocommerce, Tappay, e-invoicing, multilingual website, WPML, e-commerce website, flexible shipping, Mailchimp
MUKAE MÜZ is the fruition of a dream by two women wanting to create a space where clothing isn’t separated between women & men sections.

Inspired by Japanese artisans who tested creative boundaries in the 1920s, MUKEI means “no form” — it has no style, and is a space where every individual has the freedom to create their own.


  • Developing a secured shop that can process international payments and record orders, bundled with an administration system for the company to manage the pages’ content.
  • Creating a minimalist yet comprehensive design that embodies the core value of the brand.
  • Implementing a comprehensive multilingual system enabling to key-in and manage translations and related URL path throughout the website.


  • Taking in consideration the requirements and the budget, we chose Wordpress content management system (CMS) combined with Woocommerce plugin because that was the most cost effective solution.
  • We developed a design that goes straight to the point and highlights the product in the simplest manner.  
  • We installed and set-up WPML plugin for Wordpress to manage the translations across the website.


  • Mukae Müz runs a fully operational e-commerce platform enabling them to test their offer on the market and to collect data in order to take informed decision on potential physical store openings.
  • The website design is consistent with the product offer and perfectly serves its purpose: Plunge the visitor’s into Mukae’s world and ultimately bring him to make a purchase.
  • The website is fully accessible in both English and in Chinese traditional, and shipping and payment means are set up to work for worldwide orders. Mukae Müz can now distribute their products to the world.