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MGL, developing ideas and technologies to satisfy needs in the electrical market

Development of a one page website with a custom made CMS

Industry: Manufacturing
Project's URL:
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Custom-made CMS, one-page website, brand identity integration, Laravel
MGL provides more than 30 years of experience dedicated to testing and measuring instruments manufacturing, focusing on the best quality and innovation.

The products they sell through their 3 brands (KPS, Mastech, Power probe) are perfect for industries like DIY, educational institutions, professional electricians, laboratories (R&D), and the construction industry.


  • To integrate the brand’s identity into the website’s design. As most large corporations, MGL has extensive brand identity guidelines.  It is always a challenge for web designer to fit their design ideas with their client’s brand identity.  
  • To develop a full scope CMS (content management system) so that MGL can edit the content of their website as they wish.
  • To provide a lot of information in an organized fashion on a single webpage.


  • Instead of working on the web design first and then to integrate the brand identity to it, we developed the design around the company’s brand identity.
  • We chose Laravel to develop the website. Laravel is a widespread PHP framework that we use often when working on full scope CMS or complex web applications. We have extensive experience in building web platforms on that specific framework.
  • We worked on dividing the page into several sections and on clearly identifying each section by using different layout and background pattern/color.


  • The detailed brand identity guidelines provided by MGL helped us to build a website that represents the brand. Customers who visit the page undoubtedly identify the brand universe at a glance.
  • MGL has been updating its website regularly since we delivered it. This is the main website for the company’s activity in the US so it has to be up to date. Thanks to the full scope CMS, updating the website’s content is fast and easy and doesn’t cost any extra money to the company.
  • Thanks to the clear organization of the page, the average time spent on page by visitors, the clicks on external links, and the contact form submissions are very encouraging for a launch.