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Made studio, We design, engineer and manufacture

Implementation of an original web design for Made studio

Industry: Iot & Product development
Project's URL:
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Laravel, Vue.js, custom design, RWD, user experience, CMS
Made Studio is a product engineering firm focused on hardware development and product manufacturing.

They bridge the gap from design to manufacturing providing comprehensive solutions for bringing innovative products to life.


  • Integrate design mockups created by Made Studio 
  • Develop a simple CMS from scratch to add/edit/delete blog posts and vacant positions in the company. 
  • Prepare the website for SEO optimizations.


  • To successfully integrate the customer’s mockups, we had to identify the development requirements, break down the design into components, translate them into code, and to test and iterate. 
  • We chose Laravel framework environment to build the user interface and develop the backend functionality. We also designed the database using MySQL.
  • We started to optimize the website for SEO by performing audits. There are 5 SEO audits: The keyword selection audit, the technical audit, the on-page audit, the off-page audit, and the competition audit. 


  • The web design delivered is true to the mockups conveying a strong brand identity throughout the entire website. The consistency of the design enhances brand recognition and contributes to building credibility.
  • The CMS delivered provides a great and straightforward solution for Made Studio to regularly publish fresh content and stay connected with its visitors. The content management system is secured and bug-free.
  • The audits performed allowed to identify the best keywords to use for each single page of the website, to discover strength and weakness of competitors, and to spot on-site and off-site optimization opportunities.