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Kalicia, hand-picked clothing for demanding ladies

Development of an e-commerce website based on Woocommerce

Industry: Retail sales
Project's URL:
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Wordpress, Woocommerce, Instagram feed, blogging, e-commerce, ecpay, WPML
Kalicia is a newly opened clothing e-commerce platform gathering a selection of trendy items hand-picked by Katrina, the creator of the brand. *

Katrina is originally a blogger. She covers topics related to lifestyle, fashion and travel.


  • Developing a secured platform that can process online payments and record orders, bundled with an administration system for the company to manage the pages’ content and the ordering process.
  • Integrating a fully operational blogging system with the possibility for visitors to leave reviews.  
  • Implement a comprehensive multilingual system enabling to key-in and manage translations and related URL path throughout the website.


  • We chose Wordpress content management system (CMS) combined with Woocommerce plugin because it is the most cost effective solution to start selling online when no custom functionalities are required.
  • We selected a theme that came with a blogging section and that offers the option to categorize the posts, leave reviews, integrate tags, share the posts on social media…
  • We installed and set-up WPML plugin for Wordpress to be able to manage all the translations on the front-end.


  • Katrina started to take the first orders of the history of her brand. Currently, her website is the only sale channel she has. The e-commerce platform we built is steady and reliable enabling a smooth user flow from the landing page to the payment.
  • Katrina had many positive feedbacks from her followers about the blog section of her website. She also noticed that several people actually buying products on the website originally landed in the blog post section of the website.
  • The website is fully accessible both in English and in Chinese traditional enabling Kalicia to target both local and international shoppers.