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Id-elec, l’énergie au naturel

Development of a business website for a French electrical work company

Industry: Renewable energy
Country: France
Tags: Laravel, web hosting, side main navigation
Through years of experience, Id-elec provides expertise since 1997 to bring electrical work and home heating systems projects to life.

Id-elec is a local and qualified company that commits to bring custom solutions to its customers from the technical study to commissioning.


  • To craft a design from scratch that conveys an ecological/green feeling. Id-elec didn’t have any visual identity so the design of the website was an important part of the project.
  • To develop a very light solution for a simple project that loads fast that and doesn’t require regular maintenance.
  • To deliver a website that displays properly on all devices and all browsers


  • We worked on a minimal visual identity that includes iconography, fonts, main colors, buttons design, as well as background graphical elements.
  • We developed the website from scratch using Laravel framework. The website doesn’t feature any CMS or advanced functionalities and the CSS/javascript is minimal
  • We adjusted and tested the website separately for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices. The website was also tested both on Microsoft en Mac operating system, and on Safari, Chrome and Explorer.


  • The visual identity we created is clean and matches with the company’s philosophy.  The design is simple yet modern, and it conveys id-elec message efficiently.
  • Most of the pages of the website reach up to 80/100 on mobile and 95/100 on desktop on Google page insight tool. In addition, no core maintenance is required on the website. Only web browser updates may require website updates.
  • When looking at Google analytics data of the website, we can see that there is no significant difference on the time spent on page and bounce rate throughout devices, operating systems and browsers.