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Habibi Macaron, creative flavors for unique experiences

Development of an ecommerce system made from scratch

Industry: Food delivery
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Custom-made, E-commerce, Laravel, ecpay e-invoice, ecpay payment, vue.js
French pastry cook Raymond Chelhot created Habibi, a French homemade sweets bakery, made in Taiwan!

Since 2014, Habibi has been developing new flavors and new services. Its aim is to offer a French tasteful experience.

Daily baked and customized for each order, Habibi offers a wide range of flavors that goes from classic chocolate or vanilla to more surprising flavors such as black lemon or rose and lime-basil.


  • To develop a fully-featured e-commerce system from scratch to replace an aging and troublesome Wordpress setup.
  • To develop special features needed for Habibi macaron’s business model. 
  • To connect with ecpay’s services through their API
  • To create a minimal yet luxurious design to convey the brand’s value and image


  • We combined Laravel with Vue.js framework to deliver a highly reliable and customizable back-end that’s fast on the front-end.
  • We developed several client specific features such as:
    • The vouchers that are automatically display in the cart depending on the visitor’s status,
    • The reward points program that gives points to customers for each order they make and that they can then exchange with vouchers in their account area
    • The tastes selection tool on the product page that allows visitors to select the tastes they want in their box…   
  • We worked with ecpay’s team and their API documentation to integrate the payments by credit card and by ATM transfer in the checkout and to generate e-invoices for each purchase on the website.
  • Habibi macaron cares a lot about the way their products are introduced. They invest into their product’s pictures and on their boxes design. We decided to build a visual oriented website that displays big pictures and fewer texts.


  • Habibi macaron have all the features they need to make sales online and process them efficiently. The pages are fast to load and no bugs or errors were reported by the customers since we launched.
  • The tastes selection tool works perfectly on all types and sizes of devices contributing in the low bounce rate we noticed on product pages. Thanks to the reward program combined with the automatic vouchers, the promotion campaigns of Habibi are efficient and will tend to increase the average amount spent by each customer on the website overtime.
  • Payments go through smoothly. With Ecpay’s ATM transfer, Habibi doesn’t need to check anymore on its bank accounts if they received the transfer for the specific order but the process is automatic. Thanks to the e-invoice from ecpay, Habibi doesn’t need to print out tickets and send it to customers. E-tickets are generated directly online for each order and sent by email to clients. The process doesn’t need any human action to run.
  • There is no gap between the quality and sophistication of the visuals and their integration into the page’s design as a whole. The design conveys the brand’s value and is consistent giving the customers the feeling that they are buying a luxurious and delicious product.