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Gift Attitude, personalized gifts for unique memories

Development of a web application on Prestashop

Industry: Retail sales
Country: France
Tags: Prestashop, e-commerce, product customization tool, reseller, Paypal, EMS shipping, Web application
Originally specialized in mass production and wholesale of promotional products, Gift attitude aims at offering their exclusive products line and their expertise in personalized items to individuals and resellers.Indeed, following the massive market mutation brought by new technologies, the company decided to adapt their production lines and logistics to be able to produce and ship smaller orders.

We've been working with Gift Attitude on the development and the promotion of their highly customized web application.


  • Offering a product customization tool where visitors can choose a product, upload and place their own picture on a product before ordering it.
  • Developing a section of the website devoted to resellers (such as charities, artists and designers) where they can create their personal shop featuring their own visuals placed on Gift Attitude products.
  • Creating an online advertising campaign targeted at resellers to promote the customized shop creation features of the platform.


  • There are several customization tools plug-ins available on Prestashop.  Nevertheless we decided to develop a solution from scratch to keep it lighter, notably by limiting its functionalities to the ones necessary to that project. As the solution developed is independent from Pretashop, it is also reusable in other coding frameworks.
  • We built an administration platform for resellers to create their products, publish their shop, view their orders, and follow up on their commission payment. More info here: (Pop-up)
  • We setup a promotional campaign on Google Adwords search network targeting English speaking countries and a set of relevant keywords.


  • The customization tool works seamlessly. It is minimalist, very intuitive and loads fast so that the exit rate on that page is very low and visitors reach the cart page without a hitch.
  • The application created for the resellers is functional and has been adjusted thanks to the feedback received. Most of the shop owners generate sales and receive commission payments every month from Gift Attitude.
  • The promotional campaign ran for 3 months. Within those 3 months of advertising, Gift Attitude had 143 reseller accounts created. This helped the company acquire its initial user base, which was expanded later through referral schemes.