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Getac, Rugged mobile power at your fingertips

Copywriting and landing pages’ design for online advertising campaigns

Industry: Technology
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Landing page, Photoshop, Copywriting, Wordpress
Since 1989, Getac has been manufacturing rugged computers for some of the most demanding users in some of the most difficult environments.

As one of the leading rugged computer manufacturers, Getac offers the most extensive rugged computing product lines including notebook, tablets and handheld computers.

Several of the projects we've worked on consisted in using case studies to create landing pages that converted.


Creating landing pages that converted visitors into leads.
Visitors land on the page following a click on online advertising campaigns run by Getac.
The objective was to get visitors to fill-in a contact form to get more information about the solutions offered by the company.


  • We crafted the pages’ content based on case studies shared by Getac. We particularly paid attention to creating clear headlines, synthesizing each product’s core message, and adapting the tone to the targeted audience.

  • We selected appealing visuals to clearly convey the intended product identity and enhance each page’s content.

  • We designed mock-ups on Photoshop for approval with special emphasis on Call to action, user experience and readability.

  • We developed the pages in a complex web environment coordinating our work with other agencies using Github.


The online campaign ran by the company performed up to expectations. The advertising campaigns themselves were handled by Getac but the landing pages contributed greatly to the conversion process. The ratio visitors to filled-in contact forms reached the company's objectives and helped generate additional sales opportunities for the company.