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Dintek, Lan cabling system manufacturer

Performance audit of an advertising campaign

Industry: Manufacturing
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Google Adwords, PPC, acquisition campaign, landing page
Dintek is an industry-leading manufacturer of LAN cabling systems. They commit to developing and producing high-quality network cabling for various applications.

With headquarters located in Taiwan, the company exports worldwide through its large network of distributors.

The project we worked on consisted in providing Dintek with actionable insights on an underperforming Google Ad campaign.


Providing expertise on how to improve a running advertising lead generation advertising campaign that didn’t perform as expected.


  • We made a 1staudit focusing on the campaign settings on Google Adwords and suggested improvements to increase the views and the click through rate of the advertisements.
  • We focused our 2ndaudit on the landing page and brought insights on how to get people to convert once they landed on the company’s page.


We pointed out and ordered by level of importance several issues in the campaign settings and on the landing page. We then provided actionable insights for each identified item.
Once the suggestions were implemented by Dintek, the campaign ran successfully and met the company’s initial expectations.