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Comedy Cam, live comedy, in your home!

Development of a complex platform connecting individuals with comedians performing online live shows

Industry: Entertainement
Project's URL:
Country: United states
Tags: custom CMS, ecommerce website, Stripe connect, exchange platform, service marketplace, video conferencing, Vonage, vue.js, Laravel, web application
Gather your friends, family, or coworkers for a custom virtual comedy show! Great for house parties, birthdays, graduations, company meetings, or just a fun night with some friends.

Comedy cam connects you with comedians all over the globe for live shows to enjoy from home with your favorite people. It also offers a new way for comedians to share their talent with the world and to generate a new source of revenue.


  • Deliver a videoconference tool that can be tailored to the specific needs of Comedy cam while being hosted on a server professionally managed for that purpose.
  • Develop a service marketplace that supports 3 types of users. Comedians can self-register on the platform and are available for booking after approval from the administrator. Audience can register, choose a comedian, and pay for the show on the platform. The administrator can manage comedians, payments and bookings.
  • Find an online payment gateway supplier that can handle the capture of the payment from the audience and that automatically transfers a part of it to the comedians booked while keeping the other part on Comedy cam’s account.


  • We found a company that offers a video API created by developers for developers using WebRTC industry standard as a base and that provide a “pay as you go” pricing.
  • We chose to work using a combination of Laravel and vue.js framework to achieve the high level of customization required by the project as well as a smooth and fast browsing for users.
  • We decided to work with Stripe for everything related to payment. They have a solution called “Stripe connect” that is designed for marketplaces needs. They also offer a simple on boarding process for connected users.


  • We customized the design and the functionalities of Vonage tool to provide a videoconferencing platform that is fully operational and adapted to Comedy Cam use.
  • The platform developed is fully customized and highly scalable. Using vue.js also helped in achieving a fast page load both on the front and the back end of the website.
  • The payment process works seamlessly. The connection with Stripe API is quite technical but if well implemented, it is very reliable.