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CitrOnline, Hybrid e-commerce solution for shop owners

Crafting of a distinctive web design for an innovative tech startup

Industry: Software development
Project's URL:
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Laravel, Vue.js, custom design, RWD, UX design, survey website, cloud hosting, gradient design
CitrOnline is an awesome alternative to no-code and pre-built e-commerce systems.

Their solution offers customization, scalability, management, and simplicity, effectively addressing the common pain points experienced with other e-commerce platforms.


  • Create a powerful branding & marketing strategy to attract the target audience and drive business growth.
  • Craft pages’ wireframe and all related visual design elements that are used on the website.
  • Develop a step by step survey tool that enables visitors to submit project requests with comprehensive details.


  • We conducted market research, developed user personas, composed a compelling marketing message, and structured the offer accordingly.
  • We designed a logo and variations around the citron/lemon theme. We defined appropriate style for text elements and defined a dynamic color palette. We also worked on the page’s structure and the user experience.
  • We created a user-friendly survey tool that guides respondents through a sequential series of questions while supporting various question types. Visitors can revisit previous questions to modify their answer and they receive their answers by email upon completion.


  • The marketing message precisely targets the shop owners who feel restricted by their current e-commerce system. We could eventually confirm that Citronline provides a fitting solution to a genuine pain point experienced by these shop owners.
  • Thanks to the design we made, the brand stands out from the competition and is highly recognizable. It is visually appealing ensuring excellent readability and making the information provided accessible. As a result, engagement time is longer and visitors understand clearly the ins and outs of the solution.
  • Despite the significant number of questions asked, visitors navigate through it effortlessly. This is evidenced by the low rate of abandonment, which empowers and expedites Citronline's sales process.