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BVA Hydraulics, high pressure industrial hydraulic equipment

Development from scratch of a flagship website for an industry leader

Industries: Manufacturing, Industrial equipment
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Google translate API, product import, document center, multilingual, Full scope CMS, 360° visuals
BVA hydraulics is a branch of Shinn Fu Corporation.

BVA Hydraulics is a premier manufacturer of industrial hydraulics focusing on quality, customer service, and product innovations. They provide cost-effective solutions to the industrial hydraulics market worldwide.

As a whole, Shinn Fu corp provides professional tools, lifting equipment, cooking utensils, home essentials, and outdoor gear through 10 different brands.


  • To develop a custom product database import functionality to input the initial 500+ products into the website with the matching visuals for each product.
  • To design a product page that features several functionalities: instruction manual download, Find near me, view related case studies, product comparison, product add-on, related products, imperial/metrics system switch. 
  • To create attributes for every single product data to enable advanced product filtering options on the shop page.
  • To connect the website to Google translate API to enable the automatic translation in 8 languages of any new content published on the website.


  • We developed a product data import functionality that allows BVA hydraulics to fill-in a formatted excel datasheet and to import it in one click into the website’s back-end system.  Product visuals are dropped in a specific folder on the server and visual file title is formatted enabling automatic import of product visuals along with product data.
  • We worked on streamlining the back-end system. Therefore the same information is never entered twice in the system. All the functionalities developed for the product page only use product reference number to display related information and documents making the system very easy to use for the webmaster.
  • The code developed for the attribute and filtering system is intricate but the usage is straightforward. Filtering options are granular and filters are different for each product category allowing final users to find what they are looking for in a few clicks. 
  • We connected the system with Google translate API. Every time a new piece of content is published on the website, the content is automatically translated by the API. BVA can then modify the translation generated from the back-end system for each language.


  • Posting new products and updating existing ones is lightning fast. It takes 5 minutes to post 200 products including visuals. BVA’s team doesn’t need to learn how to use the product part of the CMS, they can keep working on an excel file and import their work in bulk. The result is that the product catalog is always up to date.
  • The state of the art CMS we developed connects all parts of the website together. Modifying one part of the website automatically updates other parts of the website that are connected to it. The result is that the information provided on the website is always consistent.
  • With more than 400 products in the catalog, all similar from one another, the filtering system is a key point of the website. The system we developed is extremely efficient and is tailored to each product category. The result is that visitors always find what they look for, in a few clicks only.
  • 400 products * 8 languages = 3200 pages. That’s a lot of work. Developing the automatic translation for this project was a must. Thanks to that, BVA is sure that visitors always have access to the most updated information in the language they speak.