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Development of a website with a tailor-made administration system

Industry: Homeopathy
Country: France
Tags: Tailor made CMS, Laravel, language auto-detection, Google map API
For over 80 years, the Boiron Group has reached out to health care practitioners, inviting them to discover homeopathy and incorporate it into their daily practice.

Today, there are 3,600 people in the Boiron team. They have 20 foreign subsidiaries, operate 4 production facilities, and distribute their products in 50 countries.

The project we've been working on concerns the Asian branch of the Boiron group in charge of developing the business in the Asia Pacific region.


  • Developing a user-friendly administration system that helps the client self-edit any element in the website’s frontend.
  • Displaying varying content and product reference availability depending on the visitor's region (China/Taiwan/Hong-Kong) while using a unique URL.
  • Designing the website’s pages based on a highly comprehensive new Brand book.



  • We developed the administration platform from scratch based on the Laravel framework so that we could give them full editing access to any element on the website.
  • We created a system detecting the customer IP and his browser default language to automatically display the pages of the matching region and adapt the language consequently.
  • We created mockups for every website page prior to their implementation to finetune their design with Boiron’s teams and ensure the company’s needs were fully met.




  • The platform is fully scalable, making it easy and straightforward to add new regions and languages on Boiron's request following their commercial development.
  • The website is virtually cost-free to Boiron: it was designed for them to be able to handle any frontend adjustment themselves and does not require any additional system maintenance.
  • The region and language automatic detection made the user experience on the website smoother, resulting in a low bounce rate and higher time spent on page.
  • As a result of the close collaboration with our client on design matters, the website is the first of Boiron's platforms to follow the new brand guidelines and is a perfect ambassador for Boiron’s new brand image.