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Bailey, fashion clothing imported from Europe and delivered to your doorstep

Development of an online shop built on Wordpress

Industries: Retail sales, Fashion
Country: Taiwan
Tags: Wordpress, Woocommerce, Elementor, Ecpay, Minimal design
Bailey Foreign firm offers a wide range of European fashion items for ladies. Mostly sourced in Paris, Bailey offers clothing, jewelry, and bags to the Taiwanese market.

All items sold are already imported to Taiwan so the delivery after order is quick and organized with local transporters.

Bailey aims at offering a unique shopping experience: The feeling of shopping in small fashion stores in Paris streets.


  • To design a modern and minimal website to replace the previous design that was too vapid to sell fashion items for ladies.  Considering that 90% of Bailey’s traffic comes from mobile devices, the RWD design was also a priority.
  • To switch from the old version of the website to the new one without downtime to make sure Bailey doesn’t miss any sales in the process.
  • To find a way to avoid creating more than 400 products manually.


  • We made extensive research for popular design themes with a clean code so we could bring the modifications we needed. The mobile user experience offered by the theme was also a key decision factor. We finally chose and purchased a theme that was fulfilling all the requirements.
  • We decided to double host the old the website. One copy was on our server while the other one was on the client’s server. We used Cloudflare to manage which server the domain name points to.  This allowed us to have the old website running on our servers while setting up the new website on the client’s server.
  • We used Wordpress built-in product catalog export/import functionality to transfer the products and their data from the old to the new website and combined it with an automatic picture sizing functionality.


  • The design is minimal and emphasizes on product visuals. The mobile version of the website isn’t just an “adapted desktop version” but has been thought and crafted as a separate entity making the mobile user experience very smooth throughout the website.
  • Bailey’s website was down for 10 seconds only when making the transition from the old website to the new one. We can confidently say that the switch hasn’t generated any loss for the client.
  • The data of the product page are consistent on the new website and the pictures are displayed in a size that is optimal. The pictures are displayed big and are clear but remain fairly small in weight creating a perfect showcase for Bailey’s collection.