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Astellas - Hold on to more, informing people about potential overactive bladder issues

Development of a survey web application built from scratch

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Country: Japan
Tags: Web application, Survey
Astellas Pharma Inc. is a Japanese pharmaceutical company formed on 1st of April 2005 from the merger of 2 major Japanese groups. It is an industry leading company with more than 16,000 employees around the world.

Astellas Pharma’s raison d'être is to contribute towards improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.

The project we've been working on concerns the urology department of the company and can be found under the brand name "Hold on to more"


  • Developing an interactive platform that surveys visitors about their urinary habits.
  • Providing visitors with a soft diagnosis on their bladder's condition depending on their answers to the survey's questions.
  • Giving the opportunity for visitors to learn more about bladder issues and leading them to handle their case with the right specialists
  • Providing Astellas with analytical data on how visitors interact with their website’s pages.



  • Considering the specifications of the project and the potential for the website to grow in the future, we decided that working from scratch would give us more freedom to build a fully flexible, scalable and future-proof platform.
  • We developed a step-by-step survey system: By displaying each question in fullscreen and building an interactive questions tree (i.e. users’ answers determine follow up questions), we created a deeply interactive and guided experience for visitors.
  • We created a visual representation of the survey results for visitors to easily understand the severity of their bladder issues and have a soft diagnosis on their potential condition.
  • We created an “export to pdf” functionality on the survey results page, as well as a list of Taiwanese urologists and a link to a Q&A page on bladder issues to help users take away clear action points from their experience on the website.
  • We integrated tags on the pages’ buttons to help Astellas track user's behavior on their website.


  • Developing the platform from scratch allowed us to overachieve on Astellas’targets for flexibility and scalability. Thanks to this platform, the company can now easily add new survey projects to their website, regardless of the number of questions they contain and of the complexity of their result calculations.
  • The guided step-by-step survey concept and the interactive interface both contribute to the very low survey dropout rate.
  • The result displayed on the graph help visitors instantly understands their bladder condition so that users with severe conditions have a high "average time spent on page" because they read the information on the page.
  • The tools provided on the result page are vastly used by people with serious conditions, hence contributing to better awareness on bladder issues and more efficient patient care.
  • Astellas can track the behavior of visitors to get important insights into the patient’s patterns in targeted countries.