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A vos pinceaux! Painting by numbers to unleash your creativity

Development of an e-commerce website based on Woo commerce

Industry: Retail sales
Country: France
Tags: Alidropship, drop shipping, Wordpress, Woo commerce, Paypal, Responsive design
A vos pinceaux is an e-commerce platform released in 2019 that aims at offering a large choice of paint by numbers kits to the French market.

Noticing the high prices of the paint by numbers materials in France, the A vos pinceaux team decided to step into the e-commerce world following a drop shipping business model to offer lower prices than the market while ensuring quality and support.


  • Developing a secured platform that can process online payments, record orders and that comes with an administration system to manage the pages content and the order process.  
  • Creating an interface to easily import products from AliExpress to our client’s platform, as well as automatically update their stock levels and prices.
  • Providing insightful and actionable reports to our client on the performance of each of their items so that he can take informed decision when selecting products.


  • We chose Wordpress content management system (CMS) for this project because it is the most popular CMS on the market and possesses a large and versatile plug-ins library. Wordpress was originally created for bloggers, so we also relied on Woo commerce to be able to process payments, manage stocks, edit invoices, etc...
  • We installed and setup the Alidropship plug-in in order to "connect" our client's WordPress with his AliExpress account.
  • We implemented Google Analytics enhanced e-commerce on the website by tagging specific pages' elements that send important user navigation data to our customer's analytics account.


  • Previously selling his product with a simple seller account on Amazon, our client expanded its online presence and enhanced its brand image with a reliable solution.
  • Thanks to Alidropship plug-in, it takes the client only a few minutes to add new products to its shop. The company’s teams can therefore focus on generating added value by sourcing new products and advertising on social media.
  • With the enhanced e-commerce reports, A vospinceaux has a comprehensive view of the customers’ journey on its website from the entry to the exit point. Its teams can therefore take informed decisions on their product assortments and identify potential issues influencing users’ conversion rate.