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We help you to collect your website's data, to select the one that are relevant to your objectives, and to transform those raw data into actionable insights.

What is Pineapple Web analytics agency offer
made of?

Google Analytics starter package

Implement tracking code on your pages: We integrate in your website’s header the code that will enable Google Analytics to collect your website’s data.

Create views: We create 3 views in your account:

  • Raw data view: That’s the view without any filter applied to it, where the raw data is stored.
  • Test view: That’s a middle view that we use to test the data integrity when we implement new filters
  • User view: That’s the view you will use to check your data. We can create several of those to show user-specific information.
Exclude your office IP & robots from the user view data collection: You probably don’t want to see the traffic that comes from your office or the traffic that comes from the web robots because that traffic isn’t profitable to your business. We will exclude those “visitors” from your user’s view.
Define measurement plan: We will define together what your website’s objectives are. Thanks to this first phase and to Google Analytics data, we will be able to provide you with a detailed KPI set (Key Performance Indicator), meant to represent how efficiently you delivered on these targets.
Set-up one conversion tracking: You are probably interested in getting to know more about the users that convert on your website. Conversion tracking is the way to go. There is no restriction for what we can set up as a conversion. However, conversions are often set to trigger when someone completes a purchase, subscribes to a newsletter or completes a contact form.
Set up custom report: We will set up a custom reporting that is automatically sent to you and that only shows you the information you care the most about, the one you want to base your business decisions on.
On-demand web analytics services:

On-demand web analytics services:

Pineapple Web can also handle specific work on your Google Analytics account:

  • Enhanced ecommerce: We set up the “enhanced ecommerce” function on your analytics account in order to collect more specific information about the conversion funnels on your website.
  • Implement tags on your site to track specific action with Google tag manager (GTM)
  • Audit your Google Analytics set up
  • Create custom dimensions and custom metrics.
  • Page design A/B testing
  • And more…
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What is a web analytics tool?

A web analytics tool is a platform that helps you collect, measure, and report on your website’s user related data.

It will provide you with deep insights into who your visitors are, how they found you and how they interacted with your website.

Why to use a web analytic tool

Why should I use a web analytics tool?

Running a website without analyzing the data available to you is like managing a company without taking a close look to the accounting data. Your audience’s data will help you identify when there is an opportunity for a change.

With the right tools, you will then gain greater insight into the impact of any change you made to your website, giving you the ability to rationally assess whether it had a positive outcome.

What analytics tools can I use on my website?

There are numerous web analytics tools available online to collect your website’s data.

For very specific needs, there are very specific tools. In overall, Google Analytics is THE tool you want to use because it would likely cover 95% of your needs in terms of data collection and customization.

Moreover, it’s totally free. Although basic information is fairly easy to retrieve on Google Analytics, multi dimension & metrics information is often a struggle to collect and analyze.

Web analytics data type by Pineapple Web analytics agency

What can I track with my Google Analytics account?

Google Analytics can process almost any information related to the users on your website. There are 4 main categories of data you can collect with Google analytics account:

  • Audience: Data about your audience volume, location, demographics, device, browser…
  • Acquisition: Data about how the users landed on your website.
  • Behavior: Data about how the users interacted with your website.
  • Conversions: Data that connects the audience, the acquisition and the behavior of your users with a conversion you set (purchase, subscription to a newsletter, …)

Then you can cross all these metrics to track the behavior and the acquisition channel of a very specific group of users.

For example: We could track how many women, between 25-34, living in Taiwan, who landed on your website after clicking on your Facebook page, gave up their shopping cart when the delivery fee was more than $xxx.

Why should I work with an agency for my web analytics?

Google Analytics is a big machine with endless possibilities. If you managed your account on your own, you would probably use only 5% of the features that could be relevant to your business.

A web analytics agency will help you:

  • Identify which information matters to you, and which data could help your business perform better online.
  • Set up your account to enable the retrieval of this information.
  • Re-work the information to make it user-friendly.
  • Set up a custom automatic reporting to you.
Pineapple Web certified agency

What does a Google Analytics “certified” web analytics agency means?

Google Analytics individual qualification (IQ) test is an industry recognized certification that demonstrates the holder’s proficiency on that platform.

At Pineapple Web, we passed that exam and got Google Analytics certified.