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    Our web agency develops websites and web applications that are:

  • Compliant
    W3C compliant (best coding practices)
  • Fast
    We compress, optimize, minify and leverage everything we can. Test your website’s speed here
  • Analyzable
    We integrate the tracking codes you need (Google analytics / Facebook Pixel / Hubspot / Mailchimp / etc…)
  • Optimized
    We follow search engine’s accessibility and indexability guidelines so that if you want to work on a solid SEO on your website, you will be well-appointed.
  • Responsive
    The display of your web pages is adapted to the device and the screen resolution of the user.
  • Secured
    The websites we develop are secured with an SSL certificate enabling browsing with https:// header.
  • Tested
    The websites we develop are tested internally before delivery by at least 2 person of the team.
  • User centric
    We focus on user experience to achieve your website’s marketing objective.
  • Mapped
    The websites we craft come with a sitemap that we submit to the search engines.
Custom website by Pineapple Web agency

Web applications

Custom website by Pineapple Web agency

What is a web application?

A web application is a software program that runs on a web server instead of running on your computer’s operating system. The only limits of what a web app can do are your timetable as well as your budget. A few common examples of web applications are CRM (customer relationship management) systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) systems, dating platforms, booking platforms, large e-commerce websites, etc…

Why should I have a web application?

You should have a web app if you are seeking for a scalable online platform tailored to your needs and you are willing to invest resources in the development of it.

E-commerce website by Pineapple Web agency

E-commerce website

E-commerce website by Pineapple Web agency

What is an E commerce website?

An e-commerce website is an online portal that is meant to facilitate online transactions (buy/sell) of goods and services. It can be a good fit if you are selling physical goods, digital goods or services.

Why should I have an E-commerce website?

You should have an E-commerce website if you want to sell your products or services online and that you generally don’t need interaction with your customers to convert leads. You also need to have a good command of management & logistics to provide your customer with what he bought, within the time frame you committed.


Business website


What is a business website?

A business website or corporate website is a website that aims at informing visitors about the activity of a business or a private enterprise.

Why should I have a business website?

You should simply have a business website if you have a business. In my opinion, every single business, no matter the industry, should have a corporate website.

While relatively easy to set up, a business site is, compared with other communication channels, the most cost-efficient one. It will definitely generate new leads, enhance your local exposure, and give your brand a public profile.


Blog websites


What is a blog?

A blog is a website owned by an individual or a company that aims at informing visitors of the latest news related to a specific topic or industry. Bloggers will generally focus on generating maximum engagement on their posts by creating unique and valuable content.

Why should I have a blog?

You should have a blog if you are an expert in your domain, if you have passion for what you are doing, if you are a good writer, and if you are ready to do some basic on SEO on your posts.

We use different technologies to meet different requirements

Web app
website maintenance by pineapple web agency

Website maintenance

What do we call website maintenance?

Website maintenance is crucial for your website, regardless of your company’s size or activity. This is THE way to ensure your website will keep running smoothly without errors, bugs and downtimes by preventing potential issues, updating the system, and implementing backup solutions.

When you work with us on your website maintenance, you buy your peace of mind. We take the full responsibility for your website health and guarantee you a maximum uptime, and minimum bugs/errors.

What Pineapple Web agency can provide me with?

Pineapple Web agency can provide you with a complete website maintenance package composed of:
  • 1

    CMS & plug in updates:

    If you are using a CMS and/or have some plug in installed on your website, they will need to be updated regularly (as you need to do updates on your cell phone apps regularly). We monitor the publication of new updates, install them, and make sure that your website is still compatible with these (e.g. no new dysfunction or bug)

  • 2

    Website testing & debugging:

    We will establish with you a checklist of the important functions of your website. We then test those functions one by one on the frequency you wish them to be tested. If we figure out one of the functions has been damaged, we immediately correct the issue.

  • 3

    Website file backup:

    Based on the frequency we decide (normally based on new content frequency), we will back up the files of your website and send you a copy of it. With the rise in hack attacks over the past years, it is a vital feature to ensure that your website is robust and future-proof.

  • 4

    Support web hosting:

    We can double host your website on different servers from different hosting provider companies. That way, if one web hosting server goes down, we can point your website to the other web hosting server. Your website will then always be running.