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CMS: website builder, pre-built or custom-built, how to navigate through the maze??

Julien Ferard, May 16th, 2023
Reading time: 9 minutes
Topic: Web programming
Choosing the right solution for your website is a critical starting point. Once you chose to go for a website builder, a pre-built or a custom built CMS solution, switching means starting back from scratch. If you are about to build a new website for your activity, this article is for you. Before we[...]

Internal Backlinks: Are They Worth Your Time?

Hannah Stevenson, January 23rd, 2022
Reading time: 7 minutes
Topic: Digital marketing
There’s a lot of untapped potential in the business market, particularly when it comes to digital marketing and SEO.  Among the areas of SEO that is overlooked is internal backlinks. Most digital marketers know that backlinks are the key to SEO, but most of them think that these come fro[...]

International SEO: An untapped potential for Taiwan industrial companies

Julien Ferard, October 23rd, 2021
Reading time: 13 minutes
Topic: Digital marketing
With an overall trade surplus of USD 43.5 billion in 2019, Taiwan economic growth is closely connected to exportations. Taiwan’s top trading partners include USA, UK, and Australia with a quick growth with USA due to the current China-USA trade war.  In answer to that, back in 2019, the T[...]

How online advertising can harm your brand: Ubereats case study

Julien Ferard, September 19th, 2021
Reading time: 15 minutes
Topic: Digital marketing
It has been about 6 months that I keep seeing the same ad again and again when I watch videos on Youtube. This is an ad for Ubereats. You can watch the short version here: To be honest, it is driving me nuts… This isn’t the only ad they show on Youtube but this is the most redundant o[...]

8 digital marketing opportunities for businesses during COVID 19

Julien Ferard, August 24th, 2021
Reading time: 10 minutes
Topic: Digital marketing
8 months passed since the world first heard of COVID 19. The impact of the virus on public health is obvious. The most direct aftermath is its impact on the global economy. Stock markets drop, unemployment rate is higher than ever, and the majority of countries in the world are on the brink of reces[...]

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